Academy Training & Camps/Clinics


Schedule for 2020 has been posted!  See below.

LoneStar Volleyball Training

LoneStar Volleyball offers a variety of Camps and Clinics to aid in training proper mechanics, skills and court positions.  Options are available for athletes who haven’t played before as well as those with intermediate to advanced level (club) experience from 1st through 12th grades.

Summer is the time to get a lot of touches on the ball to prepare for middle school and high school tryouts or just to have fun and increase skills and knowledge. All of our camps and clinics are ran by the professional coaching team of LoneStar Volleyball.

Summer is usually a transition period from one grade or age division to the next, so the grade and age definitions will be equivalent to the fall season.

Academy Training – 6 week sessions, year round

Academy training is LoneStar’s year round skills and mechanics training program offered in 6 week sessions;  Academy I and II on Sundays, 5:00p-7:00p and POWER PERFORMANCE Volleyball Training on Mondays or Thursdays, 6:00p-8:00p.  We’ve created three divisions which allow an athlete to grow as their knowledge and skill sets increase.  Academy 1 is open to all participants from beginners to limited experience.  Academy 2 and POWER PERFORMANCE require approval by the training director to register.  Participants may be promoted through Academy 1 or may attend the pre-session Skills Assessment.

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Academy 1 – $240 per 6 week session

1st through 10th Grades / Beginner to Limited Experience

Coach to Player Ratio:  1:7 

Sundays, 5:00p-7:00p

The mission of Academy 1 is to teach players proper technique and execution of all fundamental skills in volleyball; passing, serving, attacking and setting. During each session, players participate in drills which foster skill development and proper mechanics. Coaches work closely with players on the court with the appropriate volleyball and net height to ensure they receive positive and constructive feedback throughout the course of the session.

Throughout the six weeks, coaches will be carefully tracking the progress of each player’s development. At the conclusion of the session, parents and players receive a final assessment report card including a direction for the best course of action for the player’s developmental future. 

Academy 2 – $265 per 6 week session ($35 for pre-session skills assessment)

12U through 18U / Intermediate Experience

Coach to Player Ratio:  1:10

Sundays, 5:00p-7:00p

The mission of Academy 2 is to continue the development of mechanics and court play to increase proficiency in the execution of skills. Drills and training are designed to advance mechanics while adding more strategic and rigorous drills. The Academy II training will be conducted at the same time as Academy I. Preapproved Academy II players will be on a separate court with professional coaches participating in more advanced drills to facilitate growth and development in their skills and court play.

 Approval for Academy II will be provided to those players participating in Academy I who have demonstrated the appropriate skill level to be promoted. If a player is not currently registered and participating in the Academy program, they will need to register for the pre-session assessment.

Throughout the six weeks, players will receive consistent feedback.  Registration Approval is Required!  All players must have approval to join Academy II prior to registering.  Contact

Group Skills Assessment to Qualify for Academy 2

If your athlete is interested in attending Academy 2, but has not attended previously or does not have approval to register, they can attend the group Skills Assessment scheduled prior to each new session.  Dates and times listed below.

POWER PERFORANCE VOLLEYBALL TRAINING – $310 per 6 week session ($35 for pre-session skills assessment)

This program has moved to it’s own page.  CLICK HERE to go to the PPVT page for details.

2020 Academy Training
Academy 1                     5:00p-7:00p
Academy 2                     5:00p-7:00p
01/05-02/09                  07/26-08/30
02/16-03/22                  09/13-10/18
03/29-05/17                  11/25-12/06
Holidays (closed): 04/12, 05/10, 06/21, 07/05, 09/06, 11/22
Academy 2 Skills Assessment 
12/29/19                                                 2:00p-3:30p
2/8                                                            2:00p-3:30p
3/22                                                          2:00p-3:30p
5/17                                                          2:00p-3:30p
7/12                                                          2:00p-3:30p
8/23                                                          2:00p-3:30p
10/11                                                        2:00p-3:30p