Camps & Clinics – SUMMER 2020!

Registration required for all Programs. *Regular registration closes 2 business days prior to the clinic. Late registration, if available, is an additional $25.

LoneStar Youth Volleyball Camps and Clinics

The “game teaches the game”.

Learning the game requires the most effective way our brain acquires, processes and retains information.

Growing requires more than motivation. It is the application of proven principles and methods of learning that have been backed up with thousands of repetitions by the best athletes in the world! The best part is, you do not need to be the best, but only to apply the simple and efficient principles and methods that have proven to work.

Next Level Volleyball Training applies these principles and methods. With Gold Medal Squared standards and guidance, LoneStar Youth Volleyball camps and clinics are designed to ensure appropriate progression for our Club athletes, Intermediate level athletes and our Beginner level athletes.  Athletes will improve in Passing/Digging, Setting, Serving, Attacking, Defense/Blocking, and the most important skill; how to Play the Game! Come learn, train and play!

Club – training is designed for players with experience participating in high-level training and competition and USAV tournaments. The goal of the training is to assist these players in elevating their game and enhance their skills and mechanics.

Intermediate – training is designed for players that have limited experience participating on competitive teams in their school or leagues. Players are working towards refining their skills and mechanics, while striving for further enhancement of skills and court play.

Beginner/Limited Experience –  training is designed for players that have not played volleyball or have had little formal training. Players are learning how to execute proper mechanics for all skills while developing an understanding of court awareness and court play.

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