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COVID-19 Status and Updates

Posted March 20, 2020

LoneStar Coaches & Staff, Families and Athletes:  PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE NOTICE

First, we ask that you read all of this information as it contains the information and plans we have based on safety requirements for the COVID virus.  Please limit your responses or questions as we are receiving more than we can possibly respond to.  And, we’ve included the information to questions being asked through these informational emails.  This is an unprecedented event, one in which we have never gone through, like most everyone else.  We are doing our absolute best to keep you informed.

We know you have many questions, and no doubt, those conversations are widening.  Although we have very few answers, we will provide you with what we can each time we communicate.  Transparency is critical and things change almost hourly now.  This message is our attempt to communicate to you the big picture of what is going on with volleyball in North Texas and nationally. This information is to help you plan your months of potentially April, May and June and to try and set expectations of what might come.

We also know that not only is LoneStar’s business and staff impacted, many of you are severely impacted as well. 

We had hoped to have more specific information from USAV Volleyball and our Government on how they are helping organizations such as ours, but that has not occurred yet.  Therefore, we are talking to our fellow sporting organizations to understand what they are doing so that we all may remain as consistent as possible.


  1. Collin County is on “Shelter In” requirements as of March 24
  2. The City of Plano released that all “gyms” must be closed until April 27. They city council will revisit this before that date.
  3. The City of Frisco just updated their website Mar 18 with messages from Mayor Jeff Cheney.Of course, all dates will be re-assessed before the stated expiration.These are just a few requirements that are changing:
    1. FISD will remain closed through at least April 3
    2. All City-run sports will be closed through March 27

What are we doing now?

We have so much to consider and many questions. We are in daily communication with other sports administrations. We want to offer volleyball services to all of you now, but the safety of our families and athletes will remain our first priority and helping to flatten the curve of this virus.

We are brainstorming what volleyball services we can offer within CDC and local government guidelines and are looking at April, May and possibly early June schedules for all our teams.

Once we are permitted to open, we will take the recommended approach and limit the number of people in the gym.  Only coaches, essential staff and, of course, athletes will be allowed in the gym.  Parents will check athletes in at the front entrance area only and will not be permitted into the gym area.  We will have a full plan of drop off and pick up available at the time we restart.

We respectfully plead for your patience, your understanding and your prayers for LoneStar, our volleyball families and clients, our Country and our leadership as we work through something that has no precedence to follow, no immediate answers and no timeline. 

For certain, we believe:

ACADEMY I & II will not begin again until at the earliest April 5.We will keep you posted each Thursday, if not sooner.

    1. At the first safe chance of start-up, we will finish the current session by completing the last 2 sessions remaining to complete the Feb 16-Mar 22 session.
    2. We will then go directly into the start date of the next session.Those registered will be notified of the new start date as soon as we have it confirmed.
    3. Based on mandated return allowances, we may have to break into smaller groups which will mean that we will adjust times to allow for smaller groups and then run back to back sessions with a 30 minute break in between.
    4. Please see entrance policy below.
    5. The following session dates will be updated accordingly.
    6. Per our Cancellation Policy, we will not provide cancellations or refunds for the February session.We fully realize these are extenuating circumstances, however, we have full intent of providing you with the full service as soon as it is safe.  Additional information on this will be sent once we know what we can work with.

LEAGUE TEAMS will commence at the first safe start-up date.We are holding on creating the game schedule until we know the dates we can work with.

    1. We’ve come up with some very creative ways for your kiddos to get the value of the full season in what may be a shorter timeframe. Regardless, you will get the full benefit of the season.
    2. Per our Cancellation Policy, we will not provide cancellations or refunds for the Spring season.We fully realize these are extenuating circumstances, however, we have full intent of providing you with the full service as soon as it is safe.Additional information on this will be sent once we know what we have to work with.
    3. The important thing is that your kiddos will be provided a great season of volleyball in a safe environment!!!!!


All club tournaments are cancelled/postponed until further notice.  Some of the qualifiers are announcing their rescheduled dates and the North Texas Region just released their anticipated Region Ranking and McChesney dates.   However, nothing is set in stone yet as USA Volleyball has not provide a release date so that we may begin practices and tournaments again.  We will provide updates as they become available.


Our custodial crew has sanitized all surfaces in the facility and will continue to do so frequently after we are able to return. 

Our staff will be reinforcing the sanitary rules below. Please have all of your children follow the sanitary rules listed below. 

We ask that you bring your children inside to check them in at the front desk and then leave.  This will reduce the number of people inside.  Be sure to return 10 minutes early and wait in the front lobby to pick them up.


1. Coaches will wash hands before picking up equipment and after as well.
2. Coaches will wipe down all balls used in practice BEFORE and AFTER practice. Use the 2 big buckets of Clorox wipes.
3. All players will wash their hands and use sanitizers provided outside the restrooms BEFORE coming onto the court and touching balls.
4. All players will wash and use sanitizer their hands AFTER practice before leaving the gym.
5. Eliminate all person to person touch (transitioning, high 5s, etc.)
6. Use the sanitizers around the gym frequently.
7. The custodial team will be sanitizing surfaces frequently.
8. If anyone exhibits any flu like symptoms, please have their parents take them home immediately.