LoneStar Volleyball Club is a junior’s affiliate of the North Texas Region of USA Volleyball. The staff of LoneStar Volleyball Club would like to offer a warm welcome to families considering our club for the upcoming season.

  • Customized training program based on the Gold Medal Squared standards
  • Strong, experienced, professional coaching staff led by former college coaches & scholarship athletes
  • Training held in Frisco at LoneStar Sports Center, home of LoneStar Volleyball Club
  • Tournaments scheduled for optimum competition and collegiate recruiting exposure
  • Strong collegiate recruiting program for 14s to 18s  
  • Injury Prevention and Recovery care in the Player’s Recovery Lounge 

Club Director & Recruiting Coordinator:  Lacie Allen, AllenL@LoneStarVolleyball.net or 214-686-7200

Assistant Club Director:  Carl Aquino, AquinoC@LoneStarVolleyball.net or 619-920-221

Welcome to

LoneStar Volleyball Club 2020-21!   

18th Season in Frisco, Texas!

Registration is required for all clinics prior to entering the facility.  

The public is welcome!  These clinics are intended for athletes interested in meeting and working out with our club coaches as a part of the pre-season events.  

Grouped by:  10s-12s, 13s-14s and 15s-18s (ages based on the 2020-21 Age Definitions below)

Club Coach Position Training (Position specific training)  –  $25/clinic
Time Tuesdays Thursdays
5:30p-6:30p Setter Pin Hitter
7:00p-8:00p Defense Middle Hitter
6/16 – Setters by Carl Aquino & Julie Paulson 6/18 – Pin Hitters by Carl Aquino & Julie Paulson
6/16 – Defense by Lee Tonga & Terri  6/18 – Middles by Lee Tonga & Carl Aquino
6/23 – Setters by TBD 6/25 – Pin Hitters by TBD
6/23 – Defense by TBD 6/25 – Middles by TBD
6/30 – Setterby TBD 7/2 – Pin Hitters by TBD
6/30 – Defense by TBD 7/2 – Middles by TBD

Club Team Tryout Schedule (Registration Required – Opens Thursday, June 18.

  25-Jul     26-Jul
  $20     $20
9:00a-10:30a 15U-18U   10:00a-11:30a 15U-18U
1:00p-2:30p 15U-18U   2:00-3:30p 15U-18U
  25-Jul     July 27 – 31
  $15     $15
5:00p-6:00p 15U-18U   11:00a-12:00p 15U-18U
8:00p-9:00 15U-18U   6:30p-7:30p 15U-18U
  8-Aug     9-Aug
  $20     $20
9:00a-10:30a 10U-12U   10:00a-11:30a 10U-12U
11:00a-12:30p 13U-14U   12:00p-1:30p 13U-14U
1:30p-3:00p 15U-18U   2:30-4:00p 15U-18U
  8-Aug     Aug 10, 11, 12
  $20     $15
5:00p-6:30p 10U-12U   5:00p-6:00p 10U-12U
6:30p-8:00p 13U-14U   6:30p-7:30p 13U-14U
Club Coach’s Game Day (Game-like drills for the duration)  –  $35/clinic
Hosts:  Lacie Allen and Carl Aquino
10:00a-12:00p 20-Jun
2:00p-4:00p 27-Jun
2:00p-4:00p 11-Jul

Club Team Levels

Club season has begun, so we thought we’d provide some information on how LoneStar defines their team levels.


Elite Teams – Highest skilled athletes who may be planning a collegiate athletic career.  The intent is to compete in Open divisions of high-ranked, local tournaments and qualifiers.  Travel out of DFW.

National Teams – Highly skilled athletes who may be planning a collegiate athletic career.  The intent is to compete in the USA division of high-ranked, local tournaments and qualifiers.  Limited travel out of DFW.

Regional Teams – Skilled athletes.  The intent is to compete in the Club division of local tournaments.  No travel out of DFW

Patriot Teams – Skilled athletes.  The intent is to gain exposure to club tournaments and compete in LoneStar’s Youth League Competitive division. No travel out of DFW.


  • Detailed Team Descriptions with packages & tournament information  
  • Club Fees by Team Type and Number of Players 
  • General Club Information and Frequently Asked Questions


Offering Boy’s Patriot Teams!

Same club team details, just with boys, 11U-14U!  Texas is beginning to see a rise in boys joining club programs, and LoneStar would like to offer that opportunity for the 2020-21 club season.

Tryouts are listed on this page in the schedules section.  No registration or fee to tryout for a team.  Let’s make history with LoneStar boy’s teams!

Would your experienced volleyball athlete thrive playing volleyball at a higher level, but your time commitment is limited? 

LoneStar Volleyball has 2 PERFECT solutions for you!  Both Options Require Registration 

LoneStar Patriot Club Teams offer a club environment with less commitment of time and fee.

  • Member of USA Volleyball
  • Tryouts begin July 7 through end of August
  • Season runs January through April *
  • 2-hour Practice included with a professional club coach
    1. Option to purchase a second 2-hour practice for the season)
  • Play in Winter LoneStar Youth League Competitive Division
  • Play in 3 USA Volleyball Club Tournaments in March and April
  • Club uniform package
  • Fee will be available on or before July 7 on the Club Teams page of our website
  • Details: http://lonestarvolleyball.net/club-teams/
  • Contact: AllenL@LoneStarVolleyball.net for additional information
  • * Teams formed prior to the Fall ’19 season have the option to play in the LoneStar Youth League as a team at the standard fee and inclusions 

Youth League Teams offer 4 seasons of competitive play over 8 weeks.

  • Based on USA Volleyball rules, so knowledge of competitive volleyball is necessary
  • Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
  • 2-hour Practice included with a professional coach
  • Tryout for Select Team where team is put together by skills of players ($360 includes $35 tryout fee per season)
  • LoneStar Coach Team where individuals sign up with no tryout so skills will vary ($325 per season)
  • Details: http://lonestarvolleyball.net/youth-league-teams/
  • Contact: info@LoneStarVolleyball.net for additional information


2018-19 Club Teams