LoneStar Volleyball Club Team Position Openings


Contact the coach directly for information.  Contact information for each coach can be found by hovering over Directory in the top menu then selecting their name.

Team Head Coach   
17/18 Red Lee Tonga  All positions open
16 Red Jacob Hanan  Full
16 White Terri Harrod  Full
16 Patriot TBD  All positions open
15 Red Jacob Hanan  Full
15 White Daryl Norwood  OH, RS, Middle
15 Blue Jennessa Gattis-Mercer All positions open
15 Patriot Robbi McCarthy All positions open 
14 Red Lee Tonga

2 MB – Hitter, 1- OH

14 White TBD  All positions open
14 Patriot Alan Jarnagin All positions open
13 Red Lacie Allen-Sojdei  Full
13 White Chris Norwood  All positions open
13 Blue Brittany Harris  All positions open
13 Patriot1 Rick Mendez  All positions open
13 Patriot2 Jordan Woodruff  Setter, Middle & OH
12 Red Julie Paulson OH, RS 
12 White Gabby Cruz All positions open
12 Patriot Brian Gardner All positions open
11 Red Chris Norwood  Hitters
11 Patriot  TBD All positions open
10 Red Marissa Pittman All positions open