Notes from the Coach

Current Assignments & Resume

Daryl Norwood
LoneStar Volleyball, 2011-Present
Head Coach, 14 Red (2018-2019)
  Assistant Coach, 14 Red (2017-18)
  Head Coach, 15 White (2016-2017)
  Head Coach, 13 Blue (2016-2017)
  Training Coordinator, Academy II (2016)
Head Coach, 11 Elite Endless Pursuit (2015-2016)
Head Coach, 13 Elite (2016-2017)
Head Coach, 13 Elite (2015-2016)
Head Coach, 13 Elite (2014-2015) 
3rd Place Finish at AAU
Head Coach, 14 Regional (2014-2015)
Head Coach 14 Regional (2013-2014)
LoneStar Academy Program
Frisco Youth Volleyball League – LoneStar Select Teams
LoneStar Middle and High School Prep Camps
LoneStar Positional Training Clinics
LoneStar Volleyball Coach’s Internship Training Program
Camps Worked
LoneStar Volleyball Camps & Clinics
Volleyball camp for beginners in Wichita, Kansas
Prince of Peace Christian School, 2014-Present
Head Coach of top middle school team
Imagine International Academy of North Texas (2013-2014)
Coached the elementary and middle school teams; elementary team earned a 5-0 record
for the season
Impact Certified
Gold Medal Squared (2014)